Two Men from Aceh Smuggled Meth Inside Anus, Police Ordered Them to Take Out the Packages, Tangerang - Narcotics Directorate of Banten Regional Police and Banten Customs and Excise successfully arrested two Aceh residents who were caught carrying drugs, Thursday (5/12/2022). One of them is a man with initials ZK (52) and another one is MD (32). Both are from Aceh Province.

Aceh Province is located in the northernmost Sumatra Island. It is the only province that applies Sharia in Indonesia .

Both of them attempted to smuggle methamphetamine by inserting them into their anus. The total amount of evidence seized by the police reached 455 grams with a value of Rp 1 billion.

"Narcotics Directorate of Banten succeeded in uncovering methamphetamine-type narcotics smuggling at Soekarno Hatta Airport by using the methods of inserting methamphetamine into their anus to evade inspection by security forces," said Shinto Silitonga, spokesperson of Banten Police on Monday (5/12).

"They got off at Terminal 3 and were followed until they left the airport. When they were searched, no drugs were found. Then, they were taken to the EMC Tangerang Hospital and an X-ray was taken," explained Shinto.

X-ray results found two small packets in each of ZK's and MD's anus. They were ordered to take them out while being watched by the police and the customs officers at Soetta Airport.

The small packages were wrapped in condoms, balloons, black tape, and plastic. Each package weighted the 124 grams and 106 grams of meth in ZK's body.

Inside the anus of the other suspect, police found packages contained with 111 grams and 114 grams of methamphetamine.

Police also already identified a person with initials BM who played the role of drug provider and buyer of round-trip plane tickets for the two suspects. BM communicated with the buyer and paid ZK and MD.

Shinto mentioned that the smuggling act violated articles concerning narcotics. The minimum punishment is 6 years in jail, the maximum is 20 years, life imprisonment, or death penalty.

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Detection Issue

ZK and MD had previously done the same thing in mid-November 2022, carrying 200 grams of methamphetamine but they managed to escape. They also got a shipping fee as a courier, amounted to Rp 3 million.

Afteir their success, they were trusted again by BM, who is currently a fugitive, to send drugs with the same method on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

The Banten Customs Office admits that disclosing drug smugle that are inserted into the anus is a difficult matter, because the equipment at Soetta Airport cannot yet detect objects in the human body.

"Inserting or body wrapping is very rare, without accurate information, it cannot be detected if the detection (device) at the airport is only a metal detector. If it is not proven, then we can be subject to complaints," said Mochammad Amir, Head of Customs Enforcement and Investigation Banten.