Data of 44 Million Users Allegedly Stolen from Oil Company Pertamina, Jakarta - State-owned company Pertamina immediately takes action to investigate the alleged leaked data that affected over 40 million users of their application. Pertamina is an Indonesian oil company which is part of Fortune Global 500.

The data are allegedly stolen by Bjorka who has become an internet sensation in Indonesia after breaching government's data and exposing the weakness in data protection. It disappeared for a while before making a comeback with stolen data from MyPertamina app.

MyPertamina app is used to facilitate the government's subsidy program for the public. Bjorka is allegedly selling the data from 44 million users, including the data of users' salary.

Corporate Secretary of Pertamina, Patra Niaga Irto Ginting, revealed that Pertamina and Telkom immediately investigated the allegations. However, he does not say how long the investigation will take.

"Pertamina and Telkom are conducting a joint investigation to ensure the security of data and information related to MyPertamina," he said when confirmed by, Thursday (11/10/2022).

Telkom is another state-owned company which operates in the communication sector. MyPertamina is an application made by Telkom and Pertamina.

Through an upload on the Breached Forum site, hacker Bjorka made a new upload with the topic MyPertamina Indonesia 44 Million. The information was uploaded on Thursday (11/10), based on the information displayed.

Bjorka's account was viral on Twitter before it got restricted. Indonesian government already tried to find the person behind Bjorka, but only ended up arresting a young man who sold ice in East Java Province.

The 21-year-old was accussed of selling a channel on Telegram to Bjorka. Police eventually let him go.

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In this upload, Bjorka claimed to have data of around 44 million data originating from MyPertamina. The sold data is 30GB in size with 6GB compression.

From this information, the leaked data includes name, email, NIK, NPWP, telephone number, address, date of birth, gender, and even income (daily, monthly, yearly).

However, it is not yet known where the information regarding income can be obtained. It is possible that the data in question is related to the amount of expenditure or transactions made by the user.

This data is sold at a price of USD 25,000 or around Rp 392 million. Hacker Bjorka wrote the data can only be purchased using bitcoin (BTC).

"MyPertamina is a financial service platform from Pertamina that is integrated with the LinkAja application. This application is used for non-cash fuel payments at gas stations," Bjorka wrote in the upload.

Even though it has been uploaded, the information regarding this data leak cannot be confirmed. Bjorka himself had mentioned in September 2022, that he would upload information about Pertamina's data.

At that time, he said he would publish MyPertamina's database to support people who staged demonstrations related to the increase in fuel prices.

"To support people who are struggling by holding demonstrations in Indonesia regarding the increase in fuel prices. I will publish MyPertamina's database soon," the hacker wrote via his Telegram channel.

Even so, it is not certain whether his action this time is a continuation of Bjorka's statement a few months ago.