Ex-Terrorist Exploded Himself At Police Station in Bandung, Bandung - Deadly explosion destroyed parts of Indonesian police station in Bandung city, West Java. The explosion took place on Wednesday morning (7/12/2022). 

The explosion happened at the front yard during a regular morning assembly at 08:15 AM.

Police strongly suspected it was a suicide bombing. Eight police and one civilian were injured, one police lost his live, while the perpetrator died. Several body parts were found in the scene. 

"The alleged suicide bomber passed away," said Ahmad Ramadhan, spokesperson of Indonesian Police.

West Java Governor, Ridwan Kamil, revealed the identity of the police office who lost his life as Sofyan. He was an inspector.

Indonesian anti-terror Detachment 88 (Densus 88) also came to investigate the location. As of Wednesday afternoon, the situation is declared safe. 

Densus 88 asked the public to remain calm as the investigation is ongoing. 

"Please give some time and remain calm. Again, Densus 88 is working quickly to understand this incident," said Aswin Siregar, Head of Operational Assistance.

The police office is located near Astana Anyar market and some citizens came to see the place. One circulating photo on Twitter showed that the leg of the victim was torn apart.

Moreover, the perpetrator was revealed to be an ex-convict in a terror-related case back in 2017. He was sent to the infamous Nusakambangan Prison. He just got freed last year.

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Governor: We Are Never Afraid

Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, also visited the site and asked people to stay calm. He also discouraged people from spreading sensitive photos or videos around the scene.

He said the terrorists might exploit the horror of those photos and videos to spread fear among public.

"Once again, my message is to stay calm. The situation is safe under control," said Governor Ridwan.

On Instagram, Governor Ridwan Kamil also paid tribute to inspector Sofyan who lost his life. Governor Ridwan declared that his people are not afraid of terrorism. 

"We are never afraid and never ever beaten by any act of violence and the act of terrorism. We are strong nation which is always together against anything, whether pandemic, economic crisis, threat of radicalism, and terrorism," said Governor Ridwan. 

Regent of Cianjur Herma Suherman also gives comment on Governor Ridwan's post to send condolences for Sofyan's family.

Governor Ridwan confirmed that what happened was a suicide bombing. However, refused to speak to the reporters about the case and let the police announce the technicalities.


Huyugo Simbolon and Nanda Perdana Putra contributed to this report.