Grandpa Raped Stepdaughter At Palm Oil Plantation in North Kalimantan, Bulungan - A grandpa in North Kalimantan raped his own 16-year-old stepdaughter at a palm oil plantation. He raped the teen in different places, and threatened her to keep quiet.

The 47-year-old man, who already became a grandparent, raped his stepdaughter in October and December 2022.

According to police in Bulungan regency, the rapist was riding a motorcycle with the girl at night, and he suddenly stopped the vehicle in the middle of the road.

In the plantation area at Ambalat village, he seduced his stepdaughter to have sex.

The police said the girl was possibly afraid of the older man, and eventually relented. She was raped on the grass that night.

It happened again in December, but the rape took place in other plantation area. The man took his stepdaughter to get his money back from someone.

"But before arriving at the destination, he stopped again at a palm oil plantation. There the culprit asked the victim to have sex. He cut two palm's leaves as a cover," said the police.

The teenager finally broke down crying and told his mother about what happened. The mother decided to immediately report the rape to the police. 

Attempting to avoid capture, the rapist escaped to another regency, Nunukan. The police from Bulungan and Nunukan then collaborated to arrest him, and were finally able to bring him back to Bulungan. 

As the victim was a teenager, the rapist is currently facing up to 15 years in prison.


Ramlan contributed to this report.


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