University of Indonesia's Student Became Suspect After Killed in A Traffic Accident, Jakarta - A student of the University of Indonesia (UI) became a suspect after lost his life in a traffic accident. Although the accident happened last October, this case has recently returned to the spotlight because the victim was named as the suspect.

Hasya Athalah Syahputra (17) was on his way to his friend's place when his motorcycle fell to the other side of the road, and then his body was hit by a Pajero car.

The driver of the car was a retired police.

In November 2022, Hasya's father already complained because the investigation was slow. At that time, the Traffic Director of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Chief Commissioner Latif Usman, said there was a mediation taking place.

But last week, Latif announced that Hasya was the suspect. He said the young man lost his life due to his own negligence.

Latif said that the road was thought to be slippery because the weather was drizzling. Hasya was riding at the speed of 60km/h.

"Why became a suspect? It was his doing, because of his own negligence he passed away," said Latif on Friday.

"During rainy weather, the condition must be understood. Whereas, he could not control his vehicle. He fell on his own and he caused the accident," he continued.

The family's lawyer, Gita Paulina, confirmed that Hasya fell to the other side of the road. But the retired police officer who drove the car apparently refused to take him to the hospital.

As a result, according to Gita, Hasya could not get immediate medical help. The young man was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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Fact-Finding Team

The Metropolitan Police has also established a fact-finding team to resolve this case. The police cited the instruction from  Chief of the Indonesian National Police, Listyo Sigit Prabowo, and also the pressure from the public.

The team consists of the internal team from the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, and various experts in traffic safety, law, automotive, and also the vehicle's manufacturer.

"I hope the measures of this combined team can reveal the true facts and provide a sense of justice and legal certainty," said the Chief of Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Inspector General Fadil Imran. 

He also expressed his condolences for the death of Hasya. 

Meanwhile, the victim's family demanded a transparent process. Hasya's mother, Dwi Syafiera Putri, expressed her disappointment that her son became a suspect. 

"We only want the process to be transparent," said Dwi after meeting with the alumni association of UI (ILUNI). 

Dwi also expressed readiness to take this case to the court. 

"If it must be proven at the court, let's go forward. Whatever the decision is at the court," she said.


Ady Anugrahadi contributed to this report.

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