2024 Elections: Anies and Ganjar Are Flopping Among Gen Z Voters, Serang - Two presidential front-runners in Indonesia are both flopping among the youngest voters: the Generation Z. The upcoming 2024 elections will be the first time for most of the 2000s babies to cast their votes.

Presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo has noticed his unpopularity among the Gen Z. According to the survey from Kompas Research and Development (Litbang Kompas), the Middle Java governor is not popular at all among the youngsters, even though Ganjar is highly active on social media.

"I have read the Kompas survei, yes. Interesting. On that Kompas survey I was laid bare, and it was interesting. Turned out, many of the Gen Z are not choosing for me," said Governor Ganjar Pranowo in Serang, Banteng Province, Saturday (27/5).

Speaking at the regional office of Indonesia Democratic Party - Struggle (PDI-P) in Serang, Ganjar was conversing with a young voter to learn their political views for the upcoming 2024 elections.

A supporter named Silvia (23) told Governor Ganjar that the young voters prefer the politicians who engage with them.

"If you see the most interesting legislative candidate, what are the dreams of the young people? The one who gives money?" asked Ganjar.

"For the young people, it's the fun (candidate). The one who is not shy to greet the young people," answered Silvia.

Governor Ganjar, who is from the same party with President Joko Widodo, said to his supporters that securing the votes from the young voters is a big homework for the party.

He said that young people need security in their career.

"So when they work in the professions, they can get security, they can get comfort and certainty. That is for us, that we must listen," said Ganjar Pranowo.

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Anies Is Not Popular Either

Governor Ganjar's main rival, Anies Baswedan, is not having a better position either among Gen Z. However, Anies secures strong support from the adults, including the millennials.

The survey from Litbang Kompas shows that Anies is popular among Generation Y or millennials (27 - 41 years old) and Gen X (42 - 55 years old).

In fact, it is the oldest presidential candidate next year that gathers strong support from the Gen Z: Prabowo Subianto.

The incumbent minister for defense receives 32.7% support from Gen Z. But he notably only receives 16.3% from the 56-74 years old age group.

Litbang Kompas suspects that Ganjar's popularity is falling because of his anti-Israel rhetoric which eventually led to the cancellation of the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Indonesia. Ganjar said he would not allow the team from Israel to play in his province.

Currently, Prabowo's electability is at 24.5%, followed by Gajar with 22.8%, and then Anies with 13.6%. The support for Prabowo has jumped significantly from 18.1% in last January.

Both Anies and Ganjar still have half a year to improve their electability among the young voters. Indonesians will decide their next leader in Valentine 2024.

The Litbang Kompas survey involved 1,200 respondents who were chosen randomly from the 38 provinces in Indonesia. The survey was conducted in-person from 29 April to 10 May 2023.

The margin of error plus or minus 2.83% and confidence level 95%.


Lizsa Egeham contributed to this report.

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