West Sulawesi is Preparing to Plant 1.2 Million Mangroves, Mamuju - The representative for the Governor of West Sulawesi Akmal Malik surveyed the location of the movement to plant 1.2 million mangroves. This event is held to celebrate the Tree Planting Day at Landi Beach in Rangas Village, Simboro District.

Akmal Malik said planting 1.2 million mangroves was a follow-up to President Jokowi's direction to carry out the tree-planting movement. He added that the 1.2 million mangroves will be planted gradually in November and December.

"Tomorrow (November 28) we will start a collaboration program with West Sulawesi Forkopimda (the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum). We will start tomorrow with 188,000 trees, with a target of 1.25 million trees by December," said Akmal in Mamuju, Sunday (27/11).

Akmal said that the planting of mangroves would be carried out simultaneously in five districts in West Sulawesi. For the initial stage, 20,000 mangrove trees are to be planted at Landi Beach.

"I see that the preparation is quite good," said Malik as he thanked people who join this event.

Akmal hopes that the community will report to the West Sulawesi Provincial Government if there are beaches that have been affected by abrasion but have not been treated.

He wants the public awareness to increase to support the environmental protection. This tree-planting event also involves the younger generation.

"In addition for the learning experience for the community, planting mangroves will also be a lesson for the younger generation. We involve school and university students in this activity," said Akmal.


Writer: Safinatun Nikmah.

Abdul Rajab Umar contributed to the report.