Employee Stole Cash on Delivery Payment for Online Gambling, Musi Banyuasin - Obsessed by online slot gambling, an employee from South Sumatera Province squandered his company's money for betting. He said he was wooed by gambling ads on social media.

This 35-year-old Herlin Sofiah Patjarih was reported by the company where he worked, PT Andiarta Muzizat (Ninja Xpress), for embezzling company's funds. The delivery service company lost Rp 266 million.

He got the money which was collected from the couriers over a period of three days from 25-27 November 2022.

Head of Resort Police of Musi Banyuasin Regency, Siswandi, revealed that Herlin worked as the department's station staff, and he took the money from the cash on delivery (COD) transactions instead of submitting them to the company. 

"The suspect used the money to play online slot gambling. Within a day, he was able to deposit up to Rp 50 million," he said, Wednesday (7/12/2022).

After being arrested by the police, Herlin expressed regret for what he had done. He also never won.

According to his confession, he only carried out online gambling activities because he was tempted by promotions on social media.

"This is the first time, I have gambled. I have only played for three days and have never won at all. So, the money is gone," said Herlin.

For his actions in embezzling company money, Herlin was charged with the penalty up to five years in prison.

Indonesian government actually works hard to restrict gambling sites. Many websites that offer poker games are also blocked in the country. 



Writer: Safinatun Nikmah.

Puji Pertiwi contributed to the report.