Weekly Highlights: Controversy of 'Quran' Trumpet, Jakarta - On behalf of the amazing crew behind the making of ‘Weekly Highlights’, we would like to firstly extend our sincerest for wish both our loyal and unique userbase a very happy new year. We hope for everyone to have a very pleasant celebration shared with each of his or her loved ones.

Time may have progress, last year may have sprinted too quickly that just in a blink of an eye, we embark on the 2016 realm. Year may have changed but our dedication to provide our readers and loyal online media platform visitors with the most updated stories and phenomena happening around the world will never change. Better yet, quality in yielding such informative service will continue to be improved to satisfy those who crave a surge of newsworthy headline.

Let us all concentrate on what the first week of January 2016 has to offer…

As stories mount in numbers and events taking place simultaneously in many parts of the world, ‘Weekly Highlights’ sought to present a selection of those that have successfully made it to our high-on-demand userbase rate detection.

Here are stories and occasions that got what it takes to earn our headliners spot.

Surely a surge of celebratory gestures in a global scale welcoming the commencement of a new year deserves the most dominant spotlight in’s ‘International Affairs’ section. From Jakarta, Sydney to Tokyo, people all across the world gathered to witness unprecedented displays of firework.

In many places, people stay up late to see the old year out and the newyear in. Almost everywhere in the world church bells ring, horns toot, whistles blow, sirens shriek. London's Trafalgar Square and New York City's Times Square swarm with crowds of happy, noisy people. The hullabaloo expresses people's high spirits at holiday time.

What used to be taboo has now become widely accepted by worldwide general population. That is, the toleration over same-sex marriage. 2015 will forever be remembered as the era of mutual respect of all human races and such was marked particularly on 26 of June 2015 when the U.S Supreme Court ruled on the very notion that it can no longer ban same-sex marriage.

Such revolutionizing moves serves as one step forward in the progression of a new ‘open’ generation and thus, it surely earns the position in’s ‘Trending Topic’ headline.

A couple who held a same-sex marriage celebration in Bali, which featured a man dressed in the garb of a Hindu priest, have caused a furore on the holiday island.

What is happening domestically? Our main concentration in our ‘What’s on Indonesia’ section is very much focused on the recently shocking phenomena where some minimarkets in Indonesia, reportedly sold trumpets for New Years using the cover of the holy Alquran. This case has earned itself the position of being one of the most dominant domestic headlines within the archipelago state.

Our ‘Embassy Corner’ has been equipped with news involving the recent visitation of Russia’s ‘Destroyer’ called Bystry which was docked at Tanjung Priok harbor from the 25 through to the 29 December.

The details as follow: