Regent of Bone Predicts Argentina Will Win the World Cup 2022, Bone Bolango - The euphoria of the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is held for 28 days in Qatar, is also closely followed by some public officials in Indonesia. The oficials also join the fun by choosing their favorite team and supporting them.

Amongst them is the Regent of Bone Bolango (Bonebol) Hamim Pou in Gorontalo Province. He admitted that he is currently supporting the Argentina Team. Not only support them, he even predicts that Argentina will win this year's World Cup.

Hamim said that the prediction is made based on the dominance of the Argentine national team on every World Cup. With the current position, he is confident that Argentine will continue to outperform his competitors.

"I (predict) Argentina," he said to The Regent of Bone also compliments the performances from Brazil and England teams.

"The point is that the one who will win is among those three as I predict," he affirmed.

Argentina National Team has secured its position toward the round of 16, advancing to the quarterfinals.

So far, England and Netherlands have won the matches to enter the quarter finals. On Monday night, two Asian teams, South Korea and Japan, will have to face Brazil and Croatia respectively.


Writer: Adelina Wahyu Martanti

Arfandi Ibrahim contributed to this report.