Lord Rangga of the Sunda Empire Passed Away in Indonesia

Lord Rangga took internet by storm with his theories and Sunda Empire., Jakarta - Lord Rangga of the Sunda Empire —an organization whose mission and vision is to create world peace—passed away in Brebes, Middle Java Province. The news of his death was first conveyed via @lordranggaofficial via an Instagram story on Wednesday afternoon (7/12/2022).

He became viral in 2020 after his Sunda Empire movement became viral. Rangga claimed Sunda Empire is a form of world order system and Sun Empire which existed since Alexander the Great era.

Sunda is a term referring to the ethnic group in West Java Province. Lord Rangga believed Bandung, the capital of West Java, held important keys in the world history. Lord Rangga himself was a Javanese, not Sundanese.

Rangga's theories involved so many historical eras and terms, including the Vatican, Pentagon, Security Council, NATO, Pope Paul, Hiroshima Bombing, and British Monarchy. Indonesian historians hardly took the Sunda Empire seriously. Instead, Lord Rangga and Sunda Empire ended up as internet sensation.

Miko, the assistant of the Sunda Empire high-ranking official whose full name is Ki Ageng Ranggsasana announced the news of his passing.

Lord Rangga passed away at around 5:30 p.m. at the age of 55 after undergoing medical treatment at the Mutiara Bunda Hospital in Brebes Regency on Wednesday.

"Yes, that's right," said Miko without explaining the cause of Lord Rangga's death when asked by reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Miko also asked the public to give condolences for the death of Lord Rangga.



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Netizens Give Respect

Netizens also gave their respects to Lord Rangga on Twitter. 

A few hours after this news spread, Lord Rangga's name topped the Indonesia trending topic on Twitter. Netizens sent their prayers and expressed grief for the loss of Lord Rangga. 

One of the many people is comedian and presenter Dustin Tiffani who uploaded a picture of the memory he shared with Lord Rangga. In the picture, Lord Rangga was seen fixing Dustin's red tie.

"RIP Lord Rangga, A Good Man," he tweeted.

Journalist Zulfikar Akbar also created a thread for the late Lord Rangga.

"Dear Sunda Empire Lord Rangga. Lord Rangga died leaving a lot of good messages packed with very serious jokes. He did not care whether his status was recognized or not. He also did not care if people saw him as an intellect, a culturalist, or a comedian," he tweeted.

"Lord Rangga was a comedian who was born in a mad era," Zulfikar Akbar wrote.


Writer: Adelina Wahyu Martanti

Hernowo Anggie and Wayan Diananto contributed to this report.

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