2024 Election: Prabowo Wants to Build 10 Metaverse Cities in Indonesia, Jakarta - Prabowo Subianto's campaign team promised the idea of building 10 metaverse cities all over Indonesia. The ambition of this idea is exceeding the expensive new capital project that only focuses on a single city.

The idea was announced by the politician Budiman Sudjatmiko who serves on Expert Council on Prabowo's Nasional Campaign Team.

Budiman wants the 10 metaverse cities as parts of a digitalization campaign. The new capital Nusantara will be among them.

"The nine cities will be like nine planets, and the sun is the new capital as the superhub of this digital ecosystem," said Budiman on Tuesday (28/11).

This metaverse project will require up to Rp125 trillion (USD 8 billion).

Budiman, who does not have background in tech industry, envisioned how each city would have specialization in different aspects:

  1. Sumatera 1 as the place for chips and nanotechnology industry
  2. Sumatera 2 for Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors
  3. Java 1 for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer technology
  4. Java 2 for mobile devices industry and VR/AR
  5. Java 3 for robotics industry and autonomous vehicles
  6. Bali for human computer interface and social media
  7. Sulawesi for biotechnology and agricultures
  8. Maluku for energy storage industries
  9. Papua for satellite industry and connectivity

Budiman does not reveal specifically why each region is assigned that way.

In order to meet the investment requirement, Budiman said Prabowo is ready to collaborate with other stakeholders.

"There is power of community, money, and government. We build the ecosystem," said Budiman. "If a state does not master it, we will be trapped as a middle-income country."

Budiman Sudjatmiko was previously known for his activism against President Suharto's regime. Now he is supporting Prabowo Subianto, son-in-law of Suharto, to get him elected. In the past, Budiman was also very critical toward Prabowo.



Maulandy Rizki Bayu Kencana contributed to this report.

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