Weekly Highlights: Chiropractor Malpractice Tragedy in Indonesia

Weekly Highlights is ready to serve the latest development of previous stories and the newest updates on freshly occurring events., Jakarta - As we welcome the second week of January 2016, a plate full of new headliners in our ‘Weekly Highlights’ is ready to serve hungry readers base with the latest development of previous stories and the newest updates on freshly occurring events.

Every section in our ‘Weekly Highlights’ this week carries newsworthy information with each carrying its own importance at all level which include national, regional and international.

Below are the carefully selected high-on-demand news that are covered in our ‘Weekly Highlights’ this week.

Our ‘International Affairs’ section sought to highlight the need for ‘Weekly Highlights’ audience to turn their international-wide attention to the recent claim made by North Korea suggesting its hydrogen bomb capability and how such immediately calls for global popular outcry.

While global attention is exclusively set upon the alarming hydrogen bomb test conducted recently by North Korea, the focus of Indonesian population is significantly more intense upon the malpractice case of American chiropractic doctor whose legal responsibility is urged over the death of 33-year-old Indonesian woman last year shortly after having her second treatment with the suspect at one of his clinics in Jakarta.

This shocking story is what makes ‘What’s on Indonesia’ section in our ‘Weekly Highlights’ a particularly interesting one within the domestic sphere.

Both the affair occurring in the northern part of Korean peninsula which spurred international response and the medical misconduct which successfully raises potential disappointment and fear of the Indonesian general population over the true capability of both local and foreign doctors in any clinic in the future to come, are considered as important new stories.

‘Weekly Highlights’ dedicates this week’s ‘Trending Topic’ specifically to the enduring issue of gun control in the United States. This topic has always been carrying its own importance since decades ago. What makes it much more appealing today is the recently intensified fight for stricter gun laws insisted by U.S President Barack Obama. People around the world currently drowns in exchange of views and debates regarding such urgency’s effectiveness and whether or not it will be taken into account seriously this time.

Our ‘Weekly Highlights’ closes down to the topic brought in our ‘Embassy Corner’, informing the recently held bilateral meeting between Russian Trade and Industry Minister and Indonesian President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo which resulted in the furtherance of economic cooperation between the two through lucrative investment deals.

Learn more of each in the video below:

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