Weekly Highlights: Donald Trump Vs The World

Welcome to our ‘Weekly highlights’. Serving you the most updated news on domestic and international affairs., Jakarta - In the second week of December, numerous stories have earned its spots in our main headline. Without reducing the importance of one story from another, news and events which attract the most audience have been selected to become the high-on-demands products to our ‘Weekly Highlights’ this week.

In our ‘International Affairs’ Section, we have our story concentrated particularly on US Presidential Republican Candidate Donald Trump’s controversial remark aimed at ‘shutting down Muslims’ and refusal of their entry to the United States.

In our ‘Trending Topic’ section, two stories have dominated our headlines. They include: Inspiring Amputee British Soldier’s Facebook status attacking Islamophobia and Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg vows to protect Muslim rights.

In our ‘What’s on Indonesia’ section, two events have taken place within the archipelago state. The first one is the first time ever simultaneously conducted regional election in hundreds of Indonesian provinces on Wednesday 9 December 2015 and the second one is the 8th Bali Democracy Forum at Nusa Dua Bali with its theme ‘Democracy and Effective Governance’. The third one is the summoning of Indonesian celebrity by Indonesian Criminal Investigation Agency following scandalous allegation of involvement in online prostitution.

Last but not least in our ‘Embassy Corner’ Section, two leading stories populate our headline with first being the event held on December 8 2015 by Foreign Policy Community Indonesia (FPCI) theming ‘Evolving Multilateral Coalition against ISIS’ where three Ambassadors, the U.S, France, Russia together with the Head of Indonesia’s National Counter-terrorism Agency debate over effective method to face the challenges extremist groups pose in the current international setting and the second one being the event held yesterday by Korean Ambassador to Indonesia where he graced 32 Indonesians with awards symbolizing their utmost contributions to strengthen the relationship between Indonesia and South Korea.

Learn more about those stories below:

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