Badrodin Hopes for Continue Effectiveness of Rotated Officers, Jakarta Anang Iskandar recent rotation to assume position as the Head of Indonesian Police Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim) means that his role is no longer to address drugs- related issues but to focus on matters that have been probed by Budi Waseso.

Head of Indonesian Police, Badrodin Haiti led the ceremony marking the handover of rotated roles to Anang Iskandar and Budi Waseso.

During the handover ceremony, Badrodin stated in his speech that he hopes for Anang to be able to make furtherance of Budi Waseso's agendas that were made during the time in which he reigns over the role. He also explains his hope about making the agency a front liner in upholding the law and the tool neccesitated to attain justice within the overall Indonesian police department.

"To the new Head of bareskrim, Anang Iskandar, i sincerely hope that you can effectively perform your job in making the agency a reliable guardian defining the force's power in mantaining stability, peace, justice and order within Indonesian region," Badrodin said ealier today (7/9/2015).

As for Budi Waseso who now plays role as Head of National Narcotics Agency (BNN), drugs- related problems have been suggested by Badrodin to be the recently rotated officer's main focus. badrodin did not forget to congratulate and thank Budi for his unprecedented contributions in the Agency since his initial appointment in January.

"I hope for Budi Waseso to be able to continue applying his leadership skills in the National Narcotics Agency the way he did so well in the Criminal Investigation Agency. Keep that signature leadership and character style of yours without being aloof to the general population," Badrodin stated as he turned his focus to Budi Waseso.

"As of today, all the remaining responsibilities of Budi Waseso will be my primary duty. Now it is all in my hand, i vow to continue on whatever he has executed in the past," Anang responded.

Anang then denied any speculation suggesting his likeliness to hinder in the probing previously done by officers under Budi Waseso. There was a growing misconception that dwells on the very idea that investigating officers may face rotation of their roles if they continue probing on previously performed investigation. (Akp/Ein)

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