Cek Fakta: Foto Ini Bukti Vaksin Virus Corona Pertama di Dunia Telah Ditemukan di China?, Jakarta- Viral foto yang menunjukkan sejumlah orang disuntik dengan cairan yang diklaim sebagai vaksin virus corona baru (Covid-19) di China. 

Vaksin tersebut diklaim sebagai yang pertama di dunia, hasil penelitian ahli epidemiologi China, Dokter Chen Wei. 

Berikut keterangan dalam potongan gambar tersebut.

"World's first, New Coronavirus Vaccine. First shot of Covid-19 vaccine developed by China. The post graduate research team leader took the first shot.

The world's first new coronavirus vaccine was injected into the left arm of the lead researcher, Dr Chen Wei, today.

Seven medical volunteers, all members of the Communist Party also received the new Coronavirus vaccine.

State Council Vice Premier Sun Chunlan visited Chen Wei and the expertise team members."

Dalam potongan gambar tersebut, terdapat dua foto, foto pertama pria yang lengannya sedang disuntik oleh seorang yang mengenakan pakaian medis, dengan latar belakangan lambang Partai Komunis China.

Sedangkan foto kedua memperlihatkan tujuh orang mengenakan seragam loreng dan masker dengan latar belakang lambang partai komunis China.

Berdasarkan keterangan, penerima vaksin adalah para peneliti, relawan, dan anggota Partai Komunis China. 

Benarkah ahli epidemiologi China telah menemukan vaksin Covid-19 pertama di dunia? Simak penelusuran Cek Fakta

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Penelusuran Fakta

Cek Fakta menelusuri klaim bahwa China telah menemukan vaksin Covid-19, pertama di dunia dan bahkan telah menyuntikkannya ke sejumlah orang. 

Penelusuran menggunakan Google Search dengan kata kunci 'The world's first new coronavirus vaccine was injected into the left arm of the lead researcher, Dr Chen Wei', hasil pencarian mengarah pada artikel berjudul "A Chinese Doctor Injected Herself With an Untested Coronavirus Vaccine" yang dimuat situs, pada 4 Maret 2020.

Berikut isinya.

"She proved her loyalty to the Communist Party by injecting herself (and six members of her team) with a vaccine that hasn’t even been tested on animals.

Chen Wei is a world-renowned epidemiologist and a major-general in China’s People’s Liberation Army. She was at the forefront of the fight against Ebola and SARS and since mid-January, she has been stationed at the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

On Tuesday, the 54-year-old, along with six members of her team, proved their loyalty to the Communist Party by injecting themselves with a vaccine that hasn’t even been tested on animals, in an apparent bid to show how well China is doing in combatting coronavirus.

Chen and her research team have been working for over a month at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a laboratory with the highest biosafety classification. As well as rushing to develop a vaccine, Chen’s team has been working on treatments including plasma therapy and repurposing a nasal spray that is designed to boost immunity to the virus.

Chen spoke with China’s state-run television station for a report broadcast Tuesday claiming to have made a major breakthrough in the development of a vaccine.

“We are doing all we can to put the recombinant vaccine that we are developing into clinical application," Chen said. “We must strive to bring the vaccine we are working on to clinical trial and application, providing strong technical support for winning this battle.”

While the television report did not include footage of the injections, the PLA’s official Weibo channel subsequently shared images of Chen having the vaccine injected into her left arm. The pictures also show six other PLA members who were reportedly injected with the vaccine too.

The Weibo post has since been deleted, but the images and a screenshot of the post have been shared on other social media platforms, including Twitter.

The news comes just a day after President Xi Jinping visited the Academy of Military Medical Sciences where he stressed that a coordinated scientific approach was needed to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

Dozens of labs around the world are racing to develop a coronavirus vaccine after a Chinese lab genetically sequenced the virus in January.

Several labs have developed prototype vaccines that are currently being tested on animals. Initial human tests are likely to begin at the earliest next month before extensive trials to test the vaccines’ effectiveness and to highlight any possible side effects. Any vaccine will also need regulatory approval before it can be given out to the public, and a widely available vaccine is not expected to be ready until early next year.

Experts have warned against high-profile but ultimately pointless displays such as Chen’s, claiming that a single-subject experiment can't show that a treatment works and it definitely can't prove it is safe.

Chen, however, is a highly regarded scientist credited for her contribution to China’s SARS response in 2002, as well as the role she played in relief efforts for the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Dalam artikel tersebut diungkap, ahli epidemiologi dan virologi Tiongkok, Chen Wei menyuntikkan vaksin virus corona ke tubuhnya dan anggota timnya. Hal tersebut menjadi bentuk kesetiaannya pada Partai Komunis.

Menurut artikel Vice, vaksin tersebut belum diuji coba ke hewan. Chen adalah ilmuwan terkemuka. Perempuan tersebut diakui berkontribusi dalam penanganan SARS pada 2002, penanganan pasca-gempa Sichuan pada 2008, dan wabah ebola di Afrika Barat pada 2014-2016. 

Sementara itu, berdasarkan penelusuran ganbar tangkapan layar mengarah ke artikel berjudul "Chinese Doctor Injects Untested Coronavirus Vaccine On Herself" yang diunggah situs, pada 5 Maret 2020.

Berikut isinya.

"A Chinese doctor reportedly injected an untested vaccine on herself meant to prevent the novel coronavirus which has claimed more than 3,000 lives globally. Chinese military’s top epidemiologist and virologist Chen Wei skipped a few steps, which include testing on animals, and injected the vaccine. The 54-year-old major-general in China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) posed for the photographer in full protective gear and pumped the liquid into her body. The photographs posted on PLA’s social media account on Weibo was taken down after international backlash.

According to media reports, six other members of the team have also injected the untested vaccine. Chen, who was instrumental in helping combat the SARS outbreak, wanted to show that China was working swiftly to develop coronavirus vaccine. Speaking to China's state-run TV network, Chen said that they were doing all they can to put the recombinant vaccine into clinical application. She added that they must strive to bring the vaccine we are working on to clinical trial and application, providing strong technical support for winning this battle.

According to the latest report, 31 new deaths in China due to coronavirus infections have been confirmed, taking the total death toll because of the deadly virus to over 3,000. While most of the cases are from Hubei province of China and the city of Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, other countries, including the United States, Iran, Italy, and Japan, have also now reported deaths related to COVID-19."

Artikel tersebut menyatakan, gambar tersebut sempat diunggah di akun Weibo Tentara Pembebasan Rakyat atau People's Liberation Army (PLA) sebelum akhirnya dihapus. 

Penelusuran berikutnya, terhadap gambar tangkapan layar seseorang yang sedang disuntik, hasil pencarian mengarahan pada artikel berjudul " China worried about imported cases; PLA vaccine?; China threatens retaliation over US media restrictions; Viral censorship" yang dimuat situs, pada 3 Maret 2020.

Berikut isinya.

The Weibo about the vaccine - 微博 -军事医学前方专家组已经在武汉工作了一个多月。由军事医学研究院陈薇院士领衔的科研团队争分夺秒,集中力量展开应急科研攻关,在疫苗研制方面取得了重要阶段性成果

Comment: If China thinks it has a vaccine developed I doubt they will wait a year for clinical trials. And interesting this is publicized the day after Xi visits the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.


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Ahli epidemiologi dan virologi militer China, Chen Wei disebut menyuntikan vaksin Virus Corona ke tubuhnya dan anggota timnya. Vaksin Covid-19 itu diklaim sebagai yang pertama di dunia. 

Namun, vaksin tersebut dikabarkan belum melewati tahap pengujian, termasuk terhadap hewan.

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